We are leading the way in Technology
Enabled Livestock Finance

We are constantly reimagining the way livestock are financed.

About Us

We believe that livestock should be a standalone asset class. An asset class
that attracts funding from banks and investors that recognise that livestock are
an important part of their investment portfolios.

We do not accept that a farmers ability to own livestock is limited by their
ownership of bricks and mortar and each day we seek to develop new finance
solutions for the worlds livestock producers so that they can grow
their business and build their own farming legacy.

We we are working with disruptive banks and leading edge farmers to
implement cutting edge financial solutions. Solutions that are redefining the
way that livestock are financed.

We are seeking more farmers interested in working with us to make livestock a
standalone asset class!

Finance Solutions

  • Feedlot Finance

    We are redefining the way livestock finance is made available to the feedlot industry.

    Unlike other lenders who are simply focused on bricks and mortar, we make finance available to you against the value of your forward livestock sales contracts.

  • Dairy Cow Finance

    We plan on redefining the way livestock finance is made available to the Dairy industry.

    We expect to launch our solution in late 2019 but encourage interested producers to enquire below so that we can keep you up to date.

  • Piggery Finance

    We plan on redefining the way livestock finance is made available to the Pork industry.

    We are seeking interested farmers to contact us to help us tailor the solutions that the industry needs!

How it Works

  • 01


    We would love to receive your
    enquiry to start a conversation
    about your business objectives,
    expansion plans and finance needs.

  • 02


    A member of our team will contact
    you directly to discuss your
    application and will be there to help
    you at every step along the way

  • 03


    Successful applicants will be given a
    facility that allows them to manage
    their finances on their own terms

  • 04


    The Facility can be drawn down
    when each new contract is
    executed. We will make 90% of the
    contracts future value available to
    you within 48 hours of the contract
    being executed


We do business on a global scale and are always seeking new opportunities around the world.
We have a low cost of capital and access to a global pool of funds that allows us to competitively
finance produces in their local currencies across the globe.

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